Best Method of Contact

How do I place an order?

Email us. The best method of contact is email. Email your question or order to: trophyms@hotmail.com

Our goal is to make this process as quick and easy as possible. When you contact us we will request the following information from you as a means to better serve you. If you can have at least most of this information prepared before hand, it would help speed along the process and let us get you your order as fast as possible.

1. Name, address, e-mail, day & evening phone number of the contact person.

2. What type of award are you interested in, trophies, plaques, acrylics, medals

3. How many items and what size progressions are you going to need?

4. Do you have artwork or a photo you want to include?

5. When do you need your order completed?

6. Where does your order need to be delivered to?

Completion Time  

We want to complete your order in time for your event. 

Please try to give us ample time, can you give us a week?

Is Same Day Or Next Day Service Available?

Not always. If we can do it we charge an extra 20% of your order for Same Day or an extra 10% of your order for next day. 

If you order "in stock" items we will be able to complete you order FASTER.

File Submission 

Do I have to provide the artwork or can you create something for me?

Yes we can create the artwork if you give us a brief idea of what you would like on the award depending on the difficulty of the artwork it will be about 1-3 days before you receive artwork via e-mail. We also need the type of award you are ordering at that time.

Can I get a photograph put on an award?

Yes! You may email or drop by a photograph. It’s $10.00 to put a photograph on an award. We can photoengrave onto acrylic, metal or plastic.

How do I submit my logo?

The best way to submit your logo is by email. A digital file will provide the best quality for engraving. It is best to get a high quality EPS file. JPEG, BMP or PDF files are also acceptable. If the image is taken from the internet, the quality is sometimes questionable. Try to get a file straight from the source. Artwork smaller than a quarter will not be accepted. Email your logo to trophyms@hotmail.com.

Check with us we have many local organization, business, school, fraternity and sorority logos on file already. If we have your logo it’s free to include on your award. 


Why is Discount Trophy different?

We strive to make your product the best it can be, you will notice special extra touches we add that others do not. We embellish your awards with decoration. We provide a free proof (if requested) before engraving.We provide fast friendly service. We offer online payment options. 

We are here to meet the needs of our customers. All our prices include engraving. The price you see is the price you will pay (with the exception of a one time Photo-engrave fee of $10.00). *MEDALLION prices include neck ribbon and engraving.

How long will it take to get an order?

Depends on when you need your order. We will try to accommodate your event date!

What if I don’t see the type of trophy or award I’m looking for?

No matter what your event of or organization we can customize you item to fit your needs.

SPORTS: If it’s a sport you don’t see chances are we have figures that will match your sport. Due to the endless amount of sports out there we cannot possibly include all the choices here on our website. Other sport categories we have but are not included on the website are: Volleyball, Gymnastics, Dance, (Ballet, Jazz, Tap), Diving, Motocross, Motorcycle, Drum Majorette, Hunting, Livestock, Horse/Equestrian, Go-Kart, Drama, Billiards, Swimming, Pageants, Wrestling, Cars, Trucks, Poker, Cards, Dominoes to name a few. If you don’t see what your looking for please call and we will be able to find something to meet your needs.

BUSINESSES & ORGANIZATIONS: If your organization or group has a logo, it can be added to most any award. NO logo set up fee ! Once your logo is set up you can use it one as many different items as many times as you want for no additional cost. We have thousands of logos already on file. We also have thousands of clip art graphic choices available free of charge. If you don’t see what you’re looking for please call and we will be able to find something to meet your needs.

Payment & Pricing 

All orders MUST be pre-paid online unless the organization or business has an established billed account. 

Can we pay after we receive the order?



How much is the shipping charge?

Shipping is based on weight and is added to the invoice at the time of shipping.

What shipping method do you use?

We use UPS Ground and USPS Flat Rate.

Terms Defined (7)


same as two post but main area of trophy is supported by 4 columns


Same as two post but main area of trophy is supported by 3 columns


From the top down this trophy will have a figure and then a pedestal, with side trim and then the pedestal will be support by two columns. There will be room for engraving on the base.

Single Column Trophy:

These are used most commonly for participation trophies. They are a figure (person playing a sport or decorative piece showing what the trophy is for) on a column (Colored tube) with a bell (Gold Pedestal) on a Base (the Base has an area designated for an engrave plate.)

Side Trim:

Smaller Gold Plastic Decorative Figure that is placed to side or at the bottom of taller trophies. Some might be the year or the be: 1st decorative, like stars or torches.


The plastic tube that makes the trophy taller, comes in many colors and designs.


The Gold Topper, Person Doing a Sport, Decorative Holder at the Top of the Trophy.


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